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 Computer knowledge
  Computer major hardwares
  Basic knowledge of computer hardwares
  How to buy economic type computer
  Protection your computer in daily life
  Method of installing WinxpOS
  What is integral machine
  What is USB
  Shortcut key of WindowOS
  Why can't close computer normally
  Why monitor is always bule
  15 methods of making computer to start more faster
  How to do when computer often restarted
  14 method of preventing computer hanging up
  Troubles which during the process of using computer
  How to correctly use computers
  How to make computers' hardwares life more longer
  Teach you how to check install of computer
  The difference of the virus and the wood horse
  Six methods of solving the computer memory breakdown
  The reason why USB memory card became slowly
 Protect Eyes
*Health Chapter *Environment Chaper
*Monitor Chaper *Reflash Rate
  Fress Mailbox
* *Sina
*Yahoo *Sohu
* *China
 Soft Download
*Dreamweaver *Flash
*Photoshop *Fireworks
*RuixingSoft *TencentQQ
*FirewallSoft *MSN Download
*Concept of server *Kinds of server
*Host manage *Host of assumption
*The server rent *Facilities
*soft that server need to be installed
*The differences of the web hosting and virtual hosting
 Install soft of creating website
1st Step :Arrangement of software
2sec Step:In Win2000 to install php
3th Step :In Win2003 to install php
4th Step:Arrangement of php.ini
5th Step:Install Zend Optimizer
6th Step:set up authority
    【Internet Knowledge】      
What is internet,IP adress, Web address, URL, Server
What is domain name, Analyze domain-name, Indicate domain name, Analyze domain name
Differences between domain name and website address
Domain name must be recorded before creating website
What is virtual hosting, web hosting and the differences
Term of validity and fees of kinds of domain name
Function and advantage of mailbox、characters of mailbox
What is a network solid,How should enterprises choose network solids?
How to choose domain name and raise the website interview quantity
Why need to install software of killing virus, method of installing orginal software
What is reason that the speed of internet is more and more slow when you get to the internet?
The concept of the server, how many kinds are the servers?
Why need to install software of killing virus, the function of software?
Some methods to improve effciency on the internet
What are the reasons that internet communication tool QQ drops line?
How to solve problem of internet speed is slow at night?
What are the factors of ADSL occur breakdown?
What is the search engine, and the advantages of search engines
Reason of taking up 100% CPU resource
    【Internet Knowledge】      
Function of enterprise website, what advantages?
The best opportune moment of creationg enterprise website
What is self-help build website,what is business website?
The website analysis and the network marketing analyze

How to raise click rate on GOOGLE

How to choose domain name of website and raise the interview quanlity of website?
What are prepares before creationg a website?
What is a gate website, which websites belong to gate websites?
Function that enterprise website should have
How to raise the interview of website?
Course of creating website-Insurt Flash
The course of creating website--How to make to roll over sub-title
The course of creating website--insert audio and video
The course of creating--input Javascript
The course of creating--How to achieve website function of online shopping?
What is logol and banner?
The three tool softwares of creating a website
How to spread website?
Self-build webiste system is basic tool of building webiste
    【Knowledge of net marketing】      
What is marketing? Advantage of marketing
Marketing is a challenge, is also a chance What is E-business
Eight kind of methods common use on network marketing Eight processes of sale
Basic method of network marketing Function of website sale

Manage advertisement website

Manage human resource site

Manage pet website

Manage establishment website

Manage trade website

Manage distribution website

Manage real estate website

Manage online shop

Present market

【Course of creating website】  
  Design website cover:
  1、Set up style of cover   2、Set up background of template
  3、Set up style of counter   4、Set up data of copyright
  5、Set up language bar   6、Set up flicking windows

  8、Definition cover

  Shared function management:

  1、Website logol   2、User management
  3、File management   4、Analysis of flowing quantity
  5、Link management    6、Mail send out management
  7、Simplified chinese into traditional chinese   8、Traditional chinese into simplified chinese
  Website whole constitution:
  1、Set up style of template 2、Set up template background
  3、Set up coping background 4、Set up lastest news

  5、Set up column

6、Column management
  7、The column modify 8、Column arrange
  9、Set up column 10、Set up style of counter
  11、Set up 12、Set up style of menu
  13、Set up data of copyright 14、Set up language bar
  15、Set up advertisement of banner 16、Link management
  17、Javascript 18、User management
  Set up column management:
  1、Single-page Graphic   2、Independent pages
  3、News article   4、Graphic display

  5、Feedback manage

  6、Message manage
  7、Supply info   8、Recruitment& interview
  9、File download   10、Online shopping
  11、Table of user definition
【Introduction of website function】  

News System

Feedback System

Online Payment

Message System

Purchasing System

Insert audio& video

Table System

Supply System

Online editor

Analysis of flowing quantity


Set up visit right

System of Recruitment

Flick windows


System of graphic


Time display

  Download System

Member Manage

Language Recognition

Insert picture

Insert animation

Support 11 languages
  Simplified Chinese  Traditional Chinese English Korean
 Italian Russian Germany Japanese
  Portuguese  Arabic Thai Franch
  Vietnamese  Spanish Greek Dutch
【Website FAQ】  
  1、After openning the website cover, how close it
  2、After adding,deleting or modifying the column , website...
  3、Where manage my member?
  4、How conceal a members-only zone,copyright information......
  5、Why do I edit homepage...
  6、I want to conceal the column eyes, how should operate?
  7、How to set my member to visit?
  8、My colum item are set as various VIP ...
  9、The left side or right side of the web page always have the column to take up...
  10、I want to change the manifestation sequence of the website language column...
  11、How modify number of count the machine?
  12、How modify website name?
  13、I why insert of the Javascript code is not...
  14、Why establish the empress of the ordinal number...
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