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And the type of program management—— Link manager


Manage functions of sharing - Link manager


Friendly link is the area where websites exchange link. Add link here, the other site’s friendly link will appear in the generated page (The image below shows the friendly link with sina). The “Friendly link” of this system may be character link and also picture link.


Path: Manage menu in the left side of back “Manage functions of sharing”→“Friendly link
Click “Friendly link manager”, edit section page layout shown below.



Click “Add friendly link” page switch to the image below.



Sequence: it is the number which is used to arrange order of friendly link.
Title of link: The name of friendly site.
The address of link: the URL of website which want to link.
The image address of link: the URL of image which want to link. Click “select image”upload image of friendly link.


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