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And the type of program management—— Guestbook manager

Website management - Guestbook manager

Guestbook manager: it means manage the message board of the website(the difference from the “feedback” is that the content of “Guestbook ”should check in the back, but the content of “Guestbook” is public in web)
The management of “Guestbook ”include “Data manager”, “Set item name and error information”


1) Build “Guestbook ”item
  Path: Manage menu in the left side of back “Website management”→“Add new item”, the
select type of item: “Guestbook ”
2) Edit “Guestbook ”
  Path: Manage menu in the left side of back “Website management”→ “Item manager”the
back shown below:
Enter into the back of operation: click “manage” behind “Guestbook”. The content of guestbook shown below:

We elaborate the two management functions of “Guestbook ”according to the image.
1) Data manager: Manage the message that users submit in the front.
Operation: enter into the back of “Guestbook ”, click the “data manager ”in the upper of back. enter into the page shown above:
Delete: delete the message which users submit, pitch on ① in the image above, click “submit ”, the message will be deleted.
Check: click “check ”under ② in the image above, we can check the message which users leave in the back.
Email: click email ③ in the image above, send email to users directly
2)Set item name and error information:
The meaning of “item name ”and “error information ”is identical with the “feedback ”, in the message board of the front, means pop hint when users submit the message and fill in the item name that aren’t corresponding with the request.
Operation: enter into the back of “Guestbook ”, click the “set item name and error information ”in the upper of back. The following image shows:

The image above shows: the content of “item name” and “error information” may be modified according to the actual circumstance, we may also add type of information here.
The concrete of operation is identical with “News”, “Pictures” (for details please see page64-66)


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