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ҹ ѷ Եѳ ҹ Ҫվ ҧҹ ¢ͧ ͧ͢ Թ ûҹҹ ý֡

Եѳ:  俿ҵҡѺء :IH-10SS
ͺѷ:  321
Ǻ觪 Եѳ:  俿ҵҡѺء
ʶҹմ:  俿ҵҡѺء :IH-10SS
Ҥ:  IH-10
´੾Ш:  俿ҵҡѺء :IH-10SS
Թ:  2008-09-29
һѺا繻Ѩѹ:  2008-09-29

俿ҵҡ : IH-1500T

  蹹 öѺ͹٧ش 1500W Ѻ 5 дѺ Ѻ 3-5 ҹ ͺʴطդ٧ ӤҴ 2 2 Ẻ ͤͧâͧҹ ͡Ẻ䢧ҹ (Separate Circuit Board) ҤҶ١ ҹѧöѺ͹ ͤдǡ㹡Ѻзҹ Ѻ 1 ҹ ѡҧ дǡ §
*This cooker is suitable for being placed on table top as well as being fitted inlay into the table.
  Cooker size(LxWxH): Φ33 x7cm                                 Inlay size: Φ329cm

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