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FristWeb Thailand Buisness site: Introduction to Thailand traveling agent

เวลา: 2008-04-24 มูลฐาน: Fristweb Thailand B2B E-commerce site

Thailand Haley tourism launched "Thailand Tourist Attractions, Thailand classic lines" and other tourism projects in Thailand.

"Thailand Tourist Attractions": Chiang Mai, Thailand - Thailand's northern Chiang Rai in Thailand thousands of customs and make the ancient capital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the most attacking North Fucheng

Anti-be ex, Jinshan angle into the mysterious legend. Phuket, Thailand's largest island brings you into paradise, heaven praise of our full, Thailand

Pearl blooming of the light. Thailand Guihetaiqiao commemorate the World War II history, "Death Railway" linking Thailand and Myanmar an important bridge.

"Thailand attractions line": a one-day Bangkok, Thailand. Grand Palace, jade Buddhist temple, Wat Pho, crocodile lake ... 2. Floating markets, the water people

, And Rose Garden ... one-day visit Pattaya Longhu Park to see the crocodile, tiger show, Yu Tung para theme park and tropical garden, to see people singing and dancing,

The elephant show, Shemale performance ... Second night on the 3rd Phuket Thai small cruise ships visit Guilin Phang Nga Bay, 007 for James Island, Beach Water, 40

- Buddha Beach, pp Island or visit the island. He ...

The company also scheduled to hotels, air tickets, car rental business, Tel: +66-2-2853550 Fax: + 66-2-2853048

Phone: +0066 -8131 58678

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Thailand-Singapore Tourism is a company after the Thai Ministry of Commerce approved travel agents and travel service company, belong to the National Tourism Association

Member. (TAT 11/4676)-slope is a travel company has extensive experience in the travel company, to provide you with a vast

Qiao h review of services, including in Thailand, the mainland's various tourist attractions and tourism group, luxury shopping malls cheap package tours tours, special

It is the reward of interest groups, business and related meetings or private family tourism.

The company has just introduced the latest fast cars Toyota D4D (VIP minibus / Van), daily / monthly to provide customers more comfortable

Generous service. At the same time we also have a rich experience of the drivers, can you provide mother-tongue services.

The Company also provided more good service, you can be scheduled for the rest of the world from Thailand to the Thai domestic air tickets and air tickets, and full and

Thailand, many hotels have good relations of cooperation, you can hire the company-owned vehicles, can you Happy to implement the Tourism

Plan, but also can help you target golf course. If you need, you can also choose proficient in Thai history, culture, customs and will speak

Multilingual guides take you thoroughly enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thailand charming.

In Thailand, the Singapore Tourism Star is your best option, we will be able to provide you with the best team as far as possible services to meet your demands and even

You desire to go beyond the expected. Reliable, practical, honest, good is our attention by the company has been the basic services. We believe that you will

Satisfied with our services. If you have any need or want to learn more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us quickly with it.

At any time, we are very happy for your service.

Our address: 5 Fortune Town Bldg, B/001 Ratchadaphisek Rd., Dindang, Bangkok 10400 Tel: 02 --

641-0055 Fax: 02-641-0077 overseas visitors Tel: +6626410055 +66860008889 E-mail:



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