PARTECH DEVELOPMENTS (THAILAND) LTD., a subsidiary of Hong Kong based PARTECH DEVELOPMENTS (HONG KONG) LTD, was established and registered in Bangkok, Thailand on 8th November 1991.  Our main business is importing quality products which are sourced from our parent company in Hong Kong.
   The Orchid Brand Induction Cookers are produced under the careful supervision of our Hong Kong based parent company. This product has been awarded with various quality standards such as ISO9001、CE and UA. The Orchid Brand Induction Cookers utilise electromagnetic induction eddy current to achieve exceptionally high thermal efficiency, reaching 90% or above, and reduce power consumption. To ensure the safety and durability of the product, the cookers are controlled by CPU and contain various self protection circuits. No fire or poisonous gas is produced during the cooking process. In addition, there is no risk of electrocution. As such, this is an intelligent new invention which is environmental friendly.





The Orchid Brand Induction Cookers are offered in both domestic and commercial models. Our domestic models offer ample functionalities and in various trendy designs. These cookers are available for sale in branches of ROBINSON department stores. Members can also purchase these cookers through our website at favourable prices.
   Commercial models of the Orchid Brand Induction Cookers are widely used in Suki restaurants. 
   They are specially designed for prolonged usage which requires additional durable and reliable circuits which also carry the quality of energy efficiency.
   Since the introduction of the Orchid Brand Induction Cookers in 2003 in Thailand, their fashionable  designs, outstanding quality and energy efficiency quality, together with exceptional after sales services, attributed to its popularity in the market. The Orchid Brand Induction Cookers are widely used by famous restaurants chains such as HOT POT and SHABUSHI.
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2009-12-9 NOTICE

* The higher fire safety standard has limited the use of gas stoves in restaurants that are located in modern buildings. In response to the demand of gas-free cooking, we introduce our high power induction cooker production line - Orchid Jumbo Induction Cooker, that are specially designed for use in modern restaurant kitchens. Orchid Jumbo Induction Cooker product line includes: flat top, concave top (for stir fry) design and cooker that is designed for steak fry. Models that are specially designed for deep fry, noodle cooking and steaming are coming soon.

Because of a much higher thermal efficiency our induction cooker provided, replacing your gas stoves with our Orchid Jumbo Induction Cooker product could save you a lot of power and money. Our induction cooker can also provide a much enjoyable cooking experience, better taste, and a safety environment without releasing toxic gases that could harm your health.

Orchid Jumbo Cooker products are available at our online store to all members for purchase with the same term and conditons that apply to all other Orchid Cooker products.

For further information, please call our website hot line 02-9483828-9


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