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Product Name:  IP – TV
Company Name:  Power Communication Co.,Ltd.
Product ID:  IP – TV 006
Place of Origin:  tw
Price:  Call for Price
Specs:  1111
Joining Time:  2012-03-10
updating Time:  2012-03-10
Our products
    Now want to see live TV and game, were not at home? They want to travel abroad to watch the home being simultaneously broadcast news or drama?
Power Roaming
Did you ever pay for ridiculously high roaming phone bill?
Do you need a “Foreign Local Number” when traveling?
roaming tariffs    Download
Power Lighting
A. Dimming System
B. DMX Lighting Controller
C. DMX Driver/Converter
D.Extension Module
A. Ceiling Light
B. Suspended
C. Battens
D.LED Aquarium light
E.CCFL T8 tube

Solar Power
1 Solar material Trading
2 Project Finance
3 Project Comsultant
4 Solar License Purchase
Power Communication Prodcut
A. Mobile VoIP Solution
B. VoIP Solution for Office PABX
C. I-Power

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This IP Phone (Internet Protocol Telephone) is a desktop network telephone that can act like a traditional telephone and deliver good quality voice.
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What is portable power? Easily or conveniently transported-detached from stationary objects. Work done or ennery transferred for a significant period of time...
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