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Product Name:  jin li
Company Name:   Kim Lee Luck Co.,Ltd.(Thailand).
Product ID:  brand herbal soap
Place of Origin:  bangkok
Price:  0000
Specs:  thailand
Joining Time:  2009-03-05
updating Time:  2009-03-05

Kim Lee Luck Soap Co., Ltd.

Dear customers, welcome to JinLi brand herbal soap website. Kim Lee Luck Soap Co., Ltd. was set up in Bangkok Thailand since 2002. "Jin-Li" brand  herbal soap was developed in 2005. Companies imported a one-stop use of advanced production equipment and first-class international group of natural soap from Germany. Our products are carefully selected using the natural essence of rare herbs and plants which consists of the seabed composition. After the deployment of JinLis experts to ensure that the highest value and best results. Use of "Jin-Li" brand essence herbal soap through the hundreds of millions of cells to fully absorb valuable natural herbal essence and the essence of the seabed of plants. To improve the texture of skin elasticity, remove dead skin smooth rough dry skin, so that you can wash your face, beauty glow. "Jin-Li" brand herbal soap applied